Terri Weidle

Terri had always been passionate about the creative process. After graduating with a bachelor’s in interior design and a minor in studio art from Florida State University, she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and spent time as a flight attendant before starting her own design business. She ran that for 10 years before moving back to Jacksonville, Florida to be closer to family and establish Interiors by Design. Since 2001, she has been changing lives through her passion for creation and her kind heart.

Terri's expertise lies in the realm of residential design, with a dedication to both new construction and renovation projects. She boasts an impressive portfolio, having guided hundreds of clients int the process of creating homes that authentically mirror their individuality and way of life.

Terri brings her wealth of experience in collaborating with builders to craft accessible and age-in-place residences. This expertise has propelled her into the fulfilling realm of assisting seniors in their 'right-sizing' transitions. Her role involves not only organizing and overseeing relocations but also curating spaces that authentically resonate with clients' identities and cater to their evolving needs.


Years of Experience


Cups of Coffee

Terri's commitment extends to her role as an advisor to the Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter at Florida State, where she is an engaged and active member of the alumnae association.

In her leisure, Terri finds joy in quality time with her daughter, as well as embarking on journeys to explore new places. She also dedicates her time to meaningful volunteer work in Guatemala.